Emergency Transportation & Immobilization Devices.

ANS emergency transportation and immobilization devices cover a range of scenarios from accident scene to disaster prevention to hospital and facility use. We offer standard fold up stretchers for confined space, roll-in ambulance stretchers, basket stretchers and spine boards for immobilization as well as a range of soft stretchers for moving the disabled or elderly. Our clients for this category of products includes emergency services, hospitals, care facilities, military, large and small corporations and many more. See all products.

Emergency Stair Evacuation Devices.

ANS emergency stair evacuation devices are becoming an increasingly important fixture in larger buildings where disabled or elderly people may need to be evacuated via the stairs. Many countries have made it obligatory to have such devices in stairwells as they can mean the difference between life and death in emergency, especially when elevators are not working. See all products.

Emergency Escape Ladders.

ANS emergency escape ladders offer escape solutions mostly via building windows in case of emergency. Our products include the simple lightweight two story ladder KL-2S which is compact and suitable for most two story houses. Also a full range of steel and aluminum lightweight but extremely strong Japanese government certified escape ladders ranging from 2 story to 5 story in length. We also provide several innovative and Japanese government certified escape solutions for buildings higher than 5 stories. See all products.

Emergency Escape Hatches.

Emergency escape hatches are required by law to be fitted to certain building types. The hatches are built into balcony floors to allow evacuation to the floor below in case of emergency. ANS offers a line called Oriro in either pre-made or order made sizes. We supply hatches for new building projects as well as replacement hatches for existing buildings. See all products.




● Tokyo Fire Dept
● National Police Agency
● Tokyo Metropolitan Government
● Tokyo Subway
● Mitsubishi Motors
● Nissan Motor Co
● Taisei Corporation etc.

ANS products are build to the highset international standards in accordance with strict manufacturing certifications. Most emergency ladders sold by ANS carry the Japanese National Safety Standards certification.