ANS Inc. is a Japanese supplier of emergency transportation and immobilization devices. Our clients range from emergency services, hospitals, care facilities, government institutions, military, disaster prevention departments to corporations and individuals. We are one of the leaders in this field in the Japanese market with considerable experience and industry knowlegde.


Emergerncy Stair Evacuation Device - SKID
SKID allows people who are not able to use the stairs to decend flights of stairs in an emergency when, for example, the elevator is not functioning. Ideal for disabled or elderly people SKID provides a fast and safe evacuation solution when time is of the esseence. SKID works using rotating rubber belts that allow the device to slide down the stairs whilst only touching the corner of each step. The belts are designed to move at a certain speed allowing the oporator to safely control the decent.
Combined Adult and Pediatric Spineboard - Tango
Space is often a concern for the emergency services and Tango provides a space effecient solution compining two spineboards into one. The ergonomic design allows ease of use in multiple scenarios whilst not compromising on the quality of equipment. Tango is a full spineboard set with adult and pediatric head immobilizations units and restraining straps.






● Tokyo Fire Dept
● National Police Agency
● Tokyo Metropolitan Government
● Tokyo Subway
● Mitsubishi Motors
● Nissan Motor Co
● Taisei Corporation etc.

ANS products are build to the highset international standards in accordance with strict manufacturing certifications. Most emergency ladders sold by ANS carry the Japanese National Safety Standards certification.